Regular transfers abroad

We offer a simple and hassle-free solution.

James Croft

Regular money transfers abroad

If you are making transfers regularly, sending or receiving money from overseas over a number of weeks, months or even years, FC Exchange offers a range of foreign exchange products and services to help have your funds sent:

  • For an overseas mortgage
  • To send or receive your UK pension or salary
  • To purchase or maintain a property abroad
  • To receive your rental income from an overseas property
  • If you are emigrating, which often involves a large one-off currency transfer followed by numerous smaller transfers for property maintenance or to perhaps receive a pension. As amounts are generally smaller, little attention is paid to the rates your currency ends up being exchanged at, but this can become unnecessarily costly over time.

FC Exchange operates a Regular Payment Facility* to assist you in making regular overseas transfers. Whatever the reason for the payment - rental income, emigration, pension income, mortgage payments or simply bank account top-ups - our facility aims to remove the aggravation and worry of making reoccurring transfers, helping you to exchange your funds at competitive rates, efficiently and safely. Your dedicated broker will work to save you time and money, and the facility is free to set up with no obligation to trade with us.

*Minimum transfer of £500 per month