Transferring your funds to the account of your choice when emigrating, quickly and securely.

Jean Dumonet


It’s a big move, probably the biggest you can make; so the last thing you’ll want to worry about is currency exchange. But it’s a hard fact that the better the rate you get, the more money you’ll have, and the easier the first few months of your new life will be.

Thankfully, of all the long list of things you’ll need to do before you move, currency exchange is one of the earliest you can tick off, as well as one of the easiest ways to get a head start.

And for those who’ve already made their big move and are heading back home, the same is just as true. The better the rate you can get, the easier coming back will be.

We aim to keep things simple. That means getting your money to where you need it, with no fuss and no bother. And it means our experienced currency brokers will help you find the method that best preserves the value of your funds, and one that best suits you and your circumstances.

It’s your money – so our costs are low

It’s your money and you’d understandably like to see as much of it retained as possible. So not only do we find competitive exchange rates (and can fix them for up to two years), we also keep our charges low. You won’t pay commission, and transfers are free over £10,000 while those below £10,000 cost just £10.