Your expert international money transfers provider

We transfer currency. We don’t speculate, we don’t play the markets
and we’re certainly not a bank.

James Croft

What we do

We will assist you with your international money transfers, providing you with a service that is safe, fast and can save you money.

We offer you a variety of products which you can tailor to suit your needs, and our dedicated support means you can make the most informed decision when sending money abroad.

You can even fix an exchange rate now, using a Forward contract, for currency that may only be needed up to two years in the future.


How does it work?

  1. Register with us - it only takes 3 minutes and there is no obligation to trade
  2. Confirm a great exchange rate - over the telephone or online
  3. You pay us
  4. We exchange your funds
  5. Your converted money is sent - same day SWIFT transfer, unless otherwise specified by you
  6. We confirm your transfer - at no extra charge