Business case studies

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Business case studies

Spot Contract
Purchase your currency immediately at the best exchange rate

AVI Engineering recently purchased a new CNC lathe from a supplier in Belgium. The equipment cost EUR 185,000. AVI was offered an exchange rate of 1.3585 by their bank.

Using FC Exchange, AVI were able to secure an exchange rate 1.3900 and saving them £3,085.

Forward Contract
Secure an exchange rate now and pay later

Ferromix Limited ordered a shipment of medium carbon steel from their suppliers in Australia. The shipment cost AUD 3 million and was due to land 3 months after the order was placed. Ferromix noted that the Australian Dollar exchange rate was at its best level for several months and entered into a Forward Contract to buy AUD 3 million at an exchange rate of 1.8604.

Three months later, the exchange rate had fallen to 1.8350 but Ferromix had secured their AUD at 1.8604, and fixed the cost of the shipment, saving them £22,320.

Regular Payments
Hassle-free payments at the best exchange rates

Alvecco Supply Chain Management (ASCM) makes regular monthly transfers to maintain their office in Berlin. Using their bank to make the transfers, they encountered the problem of poor exchange rates as well as long delays, up to 10 days, in their money arriving in Germany.

Using FC Exchange, ASCM have taken all the hassle out of the process. Their funds are transferred to FC Exchange by standing order. As soon as they arrive every month, they are exchanged at a great rate and sent to Germany immediately, arriving safely and quickly, and saving them approximately £8,200 a year.

Stop Loss Order
Guarantee a minimum exchange rate

High Link Ltd are importing a new bio-diesel powered delivery van from America. The van costs USD19,000.The current GBP/USD exchange rate is 1.5000. High Link know that at this exchange rate the van will cost them £12,666 but think that the exchange rate is going to move in their favour. They want to limit the cost of the van to £13,000 and also have the flexibility to see if the exchange rate gets better, confirming their hunch.

High Link instruct FC Exchange to put in a stop loss order to buy USD19,000 at an exchange rate of 1.4615. If they are correct about the USD, they will get a better exchange rate and the van will be cheaper but if the exchange rate worsens, the currency required will automatically be purchased at 1.4615, limiting the cost to £13,000.

Limit Order
Purchase foreign currency when its reach your stipulated rate

Forbis Technologies, a London based software house, would like to send USD 400,000 to their California office bank account. They have seen that the dollar is currently trading at an exchange rate of 1.4850 and are in no hurry to make the transfer as they would like to achieve an exchange rate of 1.5000.

They instruct FC Exchange to put in a limit order to purchase USD 400,000 when the exchange rate reaches 1.5000. If the exchange rate spikes to a rate of 1.5000, they would have achieved their target and the Dollars will be purchased at their desired exchange rate.